BunnyHugger and Austin's Engagement Party Ball

Hello all,

Austin and I regard Leap Day as a special date in our mutual history. There's a whole long story associated with it, and why it's one of the many dates that contend for the status of "our anniversary." If you are interested, you can read the saga here: This is the first one that has come around since the initial incident that spurred our relationship, and we want to celebrate it in the place where that relationship was sealed.

We will be holding an anniversary ball in the Starlight Ballroom of Edgeworld Park (S4 E10, mg, n, n, n, se, sb is one way to get there) tonight, 7 p.m. until whenever. Traditionally, February 29 was the date on which women could propose marriage to men, and any man not accepting was supposed to pay a forfeit. As this notion is out of date we will instead be celebrating "inversions of custom" and request that guests observe this theme however they choose to interpret it.

There will be dancing, refreshments, and the possibility of karaoke, especially if the refreshments are taken advantage of. I hope to see you all there.

BunnyHugger (and Austin)

Memorial for Findra

For those who haven't checked the board:
The SpinDizzy memorial for Findra takes place today in Memorial Park (luge N1 W1) at 12-3PM PDT.
Both those who wish to share their feelings and those who just wish to be present are invited.

I hope he'll let me ride along

There's a bunch of news related to SpinDizzy server matters. It's probably best to cover them all at once.

From: Morticon

On: 2011-10-17 17:17:46


Many of you are concerned about what's going to happen to the MUCK and web sites after the passing of Findra. This post is to give you more insight into what we're doing. The short answer is: SpinDizzy is NOT going away. The MUCK will stay up at all times with only a brief interruption during the move, and the web services will move soon after as well.

Behind here are the further details of the moving plans. Collapse )

From: Morticon

On: 2011-10-18 20:22:08

A quick update: Everything is going well, and we expect to do the move of the MUCK itself tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. If all goes well, you'll get information at that time via the old connection on how to connect to the new server. The web services will not yet be moved, but will still function.

If something catastrophic happens, I can switch it back at some point later that day and can try again soon after.


From: Austin

On: 2011-10-18 20:39:01

As Morticon noted, we expect on Wednesday to move the muck to a new server. This is a rare event, of course, so we'll make it into an impromptu holiday.

Please join us for a progressive party built around the theme of moving, starting at the Charter Park, which will be 'park' of the day, and moving as the wizard on the scene feels it's time to a new 'park'.

Bring your best moving-related thoughts, costumes, and barrels.


And one further note. Multiple people have offered to help cover the costs of the new hosting. This is generous and kind, and it's heartwarming that the community has so many people who want to help so. For the moment we haven't any decision about whether or how to accept donations; as you may imagine, there are many things on our minds. Thank you all.

savannah horrocks, grayscale


The wizards have asked me to pass on this message.


It is with grief and sorrow that we must announce the death of Findra, SpinDizzy's server wizard. Findra was our longstanding serverbunny, MUFcetan, and a delightful, kind person. Findra will be sorely missed by all of us as a personality, a friend, and a helping hand.

There will be an on-MUCK memorial for Findra when we can arrange it. Please watch the board for updates about details on when this will be.

With deepest sorrow and sympathy,

Your SpinDizzy Wizards

The winner takes it all

The 39th season of _The New Price Is Right_ opens Monday on CBS, in the United States. So let's get together and watch the season premiere together, shall we?

We'll do this Tuesday evening, so set your DVRs and keep the episode around, or stream the video from the official CBS web site --- --- as the episode should be posted Tuesday morning.

For those who haven't been to one of these before, it's a simple affair: we gather at the Mystery Science Theater (luge N10 W5; t), at the appointed hour (8:00 pm muck time, Tuesday), and watch the show. We comment on it as it goes. You can watch as recorded on TV, or as streamed from the web site above (United States viewers only).

You will need to be in the United States and will need to have Internet bandwidth capable of streaming a whole segment to watch the videos. But you don't have to be watching the video to keep up with the conversation or even join in. You'll get the idea from listening to others.


SpinDizzy Fair Events

Reprinted from SpinDizzy News:

BunnyHugger, devilbunny, announced a selection of events for the second weekend of the Fair today. In a post to the Rose Garden bulletin board, she provided the following schedule:

Friday, September 2:
7:00-8:00 p.m.: Devilbunny Culture Presentation
Learn the facts of devilbunny life from your expert docent, BunnyHugger.

Sunday, September 4:
7:00-10:00 p.m.: Labor Day Eve Karaoke Party and Dance
A chance to be a music star for an evening, or just enjoy dancing and drinks.

Monday, September 5:
11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.: Labor Day Beach Party
Say farewell to summer with swimming, food, and music.

The SpinDizzy World's Fair continues through September 11.

SpinDizzy Fair Opens Tonight

Reprinted from SpinDizzy News.

The SpinDizzy World's Fair, an event first held last year and expected to return every other year hereafter, begins tonight with the crowning of the Fair Monarch, and will continue through September 11.  In addition to numerous scheduled events, the Fair offers many more cultural pavilions than last year, a new shop for adventurers run by Xor, and new rides. The Grand Carousel, though not yet complete, contains a large variety of animals created by various SpinDizzy citizens, with room for many more.

According to Fair Organizer BunnyHugger, there is still room for many more events to be scheduled, especially for the second weekend and beyond.  She encourages interested parties to contact her.

Consult the eventlist (enter 'events' on SpinDizzy) for more information on, and directions to each event.  All times are given in server time (Pacific).

SpinDizzy World's Fair Upcoming Events

Friday, August 26

6:15-6:45 p.m.: Forge the Crown (S4 E10) – The Edgeworld Crown must be repaired. Come help remake it and leave your mark on the Fair.

7:00-8:30 p.m.: Fair Monarch Pageant – The traditional opening for the Fair. A Monarch will be chosen to cut the ribbon for the start of the Fair.

8:30-9:30 p.m.: First Look at the Fair – Attendees of the pageant will be encouraged to proceed into the Fairgrounds for a first look at the Fair.

9:30 p.m.-12:00 a.m.: Pageant After-party / Block Party – Featherwing hosts a party and
celebration of the recovery of the Crown and the coronation of the Monarch.

Saturday, August 27

12:00-2:00 p.m.: Campfire Tales: Fair Edition – Another installment of BunnyHugger's Campfire Tales event, in which participants recount stories of their lives or their cultural history.

Sunday, August 28

7:00-8:00 p.m.: Dunk Tank – Come dunk SED members and wizards.

Monday, August 29

7:00-9:00 p.m.: SED Q&A and Special Presentation – The SED welcomes curious parties to its pavilion.

Tuesday, August 30

7:00-9:00 p.m.: Pugil Stick Battle – Test your skills against an SED soldier or your friends in the Pugil Stick Arena.

*hmms and taps on the board* How does this thing work?

Greetings SpinDizzians,

In this hot (for some of us) summer, one may be yearning for cooler times and a bit of silly fun. Rather than waiting for the winter season to come to us, let's bring winter to us by calling on a little Christmas spirit. Yes, let's have a Christmas in July celebration this Sunday, July 24.

Details on this day are still pending, and I'd greatly appreciate feedback.

Jax E. Neurocyon
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Come back to Eireann

It's sadly time to purge the database of characters which have been idle too long. All the names here we believe have been absent for a year or more, so if you know who their players are or how to contact them please tell them to return here, or to notify a wizard, before Tuesday, 19 July. We never have enough people to just cast them aside.

Adasyd Akeakami Alynna Anarururu Arcacya Armv Arryan Athalon
Aunel B.J. BC BedtimeBear Blackheart Brenda bubbycat Cadmus
Chahala Chamas Charlie Chip Chrnyl Citri Cizkaro Cye
D`saynin Darwin DavDragon Dellway Dirac Drako Envoy Featherwing
Firewind Flutterz foxbox FoxPaws Gina_Doberman Hazel Hensk Hitaka
Holmes Ikuri Ing Istanbul Itana Ivanna Jacchus Jackrabbit
Julias Kalinka Karesko Katie Kearn Kioh Kohaku Krysta
Leo_Starre Librum Lightnin' Lilly Lupus Mariko Mat Mattaui
Milan Mischoe Monolith Moramar MsDee Murasaki nails Narrator
Neler Nobleheart_Horse Noreaster Odious One Peppermint Portia R'sheena
Raeth Rainy Ray Razi Rico Romero Rona Rowan
Rowyn Rysko sa Scandal Seaweed Selethrial Serrith SethFoxen
Shailai Shizuka Shoe Skrap Skye_Goodfellow Slate Sly Snowfoot
Soul_Fox Spaceroo Sparky Spartan Spike Spikey Spots Standen
Stargazer Strawberries Sultana_Tigress Tami Tarathene TarkaDahl Tenderheart Tigerwolf
Timmie Tristan Trixie Tye Tyger Umber Valerius Violet
Vorpa Whiffert Yellow3 Zanahn Zeffy Zero