Don't tell me the lights are shining anyplace but there

Don't miss the start of SpinDizzy's World Fair '13: Fifteen Years of Progress! The official opening is Saturday night, 8 pm Pacific Time, but the very first event is at 7 pm tonight.

+Title: Fair Monarch Pageant
+From: Fri 08/23/13 07:00 PM
+To: Fri 08/23/13 09:00 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park Grandstand ('park')
+Age: All
Tomorrow evening is the prelude to Expo '13: Fifteen Years of Progress, the Biennial World's Fair, which will begin with the traditional Fair Monarch Pageant. This year it will have a new twist and will instead see us crowning the Spirit of Progress and his/her/its/hir court, the Muses of Inspiration. As in past years this will take the form of a talent show.

All those wishing to compete for the chance to personify Progress in this historic event celebrating the MUCK's fifteenth anniversary are invited to come to the Edgeworld Park Grandstand ("park") at 7 p.m. server time (Pacific) tomorrow, Friday, August 23. Those wishing to assist as judges and, of course, all spectators are also invited.


The scattered clues she left behind

It's time for a fresh idle purge on SpinDizzy, I'm afraid. The folks listed below, and their belongings, will be wiped clean off the muck if they don't connect or indicate a desire to connect by Saturday, August 17. If you know any of them, please tell them of the idle-purge. Also, if you know of any who are not able to make it onto the muck for some reason, please contact me with news of this.

If you do spot any of these folks connecting, please let them know we'd like to have them back on the muck, and help them to feel part of the community again. Thank you.

Abel Aisha Amber Axel Bluebell Blueberry Caroline Catprog
Chile Cobalt Commwolf Daean Darla Darwin Dipstick Eli
Emerald Ezekiel Flossi Geo George61 Gina_Doberman Goddess_Violet Ifyara
Indy Istanbul Jayce Jessica Jiffy Jing Karial Lady_Gwendolyn
Leaps Lillith MsDee Noctaina Numunuu Nyquil One Orolin
Paprika Patricia Pooka Rheah Rin Riptide Rowan Ryu
Sapora Shadecerule Shizuka Skolf Solin Strawberries StunkyGirlSnivy Tait
Than Timesheart Verrant Wish_Bear Xilats-Dert ZwarteVacht

Thank you for the days

Alas, it's time to clean up the database, and our name space, some, by removing characters who've been gone for more than a year. If you know any of the people on this list, please contact them and let them know to connect here by the 19th of February or they face the purging of their possessions and the toading of their characters.

Anyone who does connect, or who sends word to us that there's hope they'll resume connecting after whatever problems are keeping them away, we're happy to spare. If you do see any of the idle-threatened, please invite them back into society; it's not like we don't want any more to do with them, after all.

I confess I don't expect that ToadNRecPlease will be coming back.

Austin Dern
Managing Editor

Akeakami Aleister Asherak B.J. Chu Cindy Clarisa Crash
DavDragon Dewi Ecnart Envi Flux Galanodel Ginger
Gunnlod Jackrabbit Kaya Koroshi Mei Michelle Mischoe Morgan
Mugen Nestor NeverNever Nigel Noctaina Nyquil Oliver
Pathfinder Peppermint Portia Sasha Slate Snowfoot Spots ToadNRecPlease
Tristan Weishaupt Zeta

SpinDizzy News: Special Election Issue

The SpinDizzy News is proud to present a special election issue. The polls for mayoral election 2013 will open tonight at midnight and run through the end of the day Wednesday, January 23.

Polls to Open at Midnight; Vote Will Be by Instant Runoff (by BunnyHugger)

Transcript of Tuesday's Debate (by Featherwing)

Meet the Candidates (by BunnyHugger)

She's the best little skipper in the land

Elections 4 is on. We'll be choosing a Mayor in the coming month. According to a bulletiin board post by Beltrami --- and echoed on the official newspaper --- is as follows:

January 7 Official Calling of election. Nominations will be accepted only from the 7th to the 11th.
January 11 Nominations Day. Start of campaigns. No electioneering prior to the publication of the official Candidate List.
January 20 Start of Voting. End of electioneering.
January 23 Close of Voting. Winner announced after the close.
January 26 Inauguration of new Mayor.
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Agile process

Last night, I had a dream that the MUCK moved to the scrum model. Every day before we could start interacting we had to have a real-life daily standup for 15 minutes in front of a whiteboard, to discuss what we did yesterday and what we were going to do today.

Nothing got done.
Animated by Mocha

Rainfurrest 2012

I'll be at Rainfurrest this weekend. In an effort not to be completely lonely during the con, I'm hoping to get a meetup set up before the con. So, does anyone want to get dinner at some point during the con, or at least meet up?
Also, if you see me, make sure I know your name on here, and please don't be offended if I don't recognize you by sight.
Please send me a pagemail, or text me at 801-999-TAIL.
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Web Site II

Let me make a different proposal, then. Why not put a "Go to Original Website" button on the front page of the site, and run the original design in parallel with the old one? That way everyone can have what they want.
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Wed Site

Now that Enkeli is gone, I wonder if we might consider reverting to the old web page? The new one is undoubtedly well-written, and surely employs the most modern techniques, but it is frankly sterile. It looks like something an unsentimental, tightly-run small business with an eye on the bottom line would deploy. Spindizzy is none of these. The old website, for all its quirks and oddities, had character. It belonged to Spindizzy. It *felt* like Spindizzy.

There's so much that's missing from the new one too - the Who's Who pages, the 'What Makes Spindizzy Special' essay, and even the FAQ files are gone. There is surely some way that the improvements in coding, etc, can be kept, and used within the old site's layouts and graphics.
krazy koati

They're always coming and going

It's an unhappy but necessary duty. The people on this list have been away from SpinDizzy for more than a year, so we're sending out the summons to please either come back to us --- and I hope everyone who's on SpinDizzy will watch for these folks, either in popping up here or through other mucks, Twitter, Livejournal, or whatever methods they may have to reach them --- so we can get them back. My ideal is to someday have an idle purge where nobody gets removed, but it'll take the community making everyone feel the people here are and should be part of it in order to reach that ideal.

Please let the folks know that sometime after Tuesday, the 21st of August, we'll be removing their characters and creations.

If you're not on SpinDizzy, give us a try. We're open all seasons, and are coming to the final days of our Olympic Games soon. The muck's newspaper is at and it maintains the @SpinDizzy_Muck Twitter feed, as well as the Livejournal community and of course you can reach it at port 7072 (or 7073 for SSL).

Austin Dern

Managing Editor

Abbie Adara Adasyd Aina Airyuu Alex Alicia Alyah
Alynna Antimatter Arc Arcanis Archon Arne Arrekusu Arryan
Ban Becky BillyBob BirthdayBear Blaze Brenda Breya Bri
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Cortello Cubbi D`saynin Daemon Dandy Darden Darkness Daystar
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