August 25th, 2013


There's a new world just opening for me

How ready are you for the official opening of the SpinDizzy World's Fair? It's coming up in just a few short hours!

+Title: Expo '13 Grand Opening
+From: Sat 08/24/13 08:00 PM
+To: Sat 08/24/13 09:00 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park Center Plaza ('park')
+Age: All

Expo '13 officially begins with a gala opening. You will not want to miss the historic ceremony planned for this celebration of FIFTEEN YEARS OF PROGRESS! Come dressed in your finest and ready to dance the night away immediately afterward in a fabulous, lavish opening ball.

+Title: New Dawn Ball
+From: Sat 08/24/13 09:00 PM
+To: Sat 08/24/13 11:00 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park Center Plaza ('park')
+Age: All
Immediately after the opening ceremony, Edgeworld Park will transform into a huge dance party, so come dressed in your most shimmering, ethereal, futuristic finery, and celebrate a new dawn of progress!

They can take one small matrix and really do great tricks

+Title: Expo '13 Anthropology Session
+From: Sun 08/25/13 09:00 PM
+To: Sun 08/25/13 11:00 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park Arts and Crafts Plaza ('park')
+Age: All
SpinDizzy, and mucking, have communities which go back decades. At this World's Fair event the development of our communities, here and on other mucks, shall be discussed, with thoughts about how they have changed, how they have remained unchanged, and how they may develop in future. All are welcome to attend, and to participate, however long they have been part of the mucking worlds.