austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote in spindizzy_muck,

Tough times don't last for long

I regret to say it's time for a fresh idle-purge. These characters have been idle for more than a year. Any who do not connect, or whom we do not hear a request to preserve, by the 22nd of June will be purged. This includes their belongings and rooms. (If they own a room on the main grid, the room will be returned to its natural state of mutating chaos.)

If you see an alt of yours on the list and wish to keep them, please connect. If you can't remember the password any wizard can help you with a reset. If you do not wish to preserve the character, don't bother doing anything. The character will be purged on its own.

If you know anyone on the list and can contact them, please do to let them know they are missed. If you are aware of special reasons why they might not be able to connect, but would likely want to, please pass word on to me, Austin, and we will make a note to keep them around a bit longer.

Thanks everyone for your time and attention. And, to those on the list, thank you for having been a part of our stories.

Austin Dern
Managing Editor

Akvo Alysha Amaethaera Amber Anjil Anthea Anti Arbon
Artemis Ashem Atreyu Audio Aura Aurora Autumn Barret
Blanket Blaze Blueberry BlueJaey Bogatyr Boryn Brenda Caesar
Catprog Cetus Chaos Char Charlie Chayse Coatilan Cobalt
Connie DaemonNuit Dalon Darwin Davis Daystar DG Dolly
Drake Duntorah Dust Dylan Edison Edsel Elizabeth Emberpaws
Erik Etaoin Faultbat Felina Fidget Flame Flossi Flux
FlynntLock Foxbird FoxPaws Frigyes Friti Fukitol Gale Galpse
Glen Gratiot Grimalkin HawlSera Hella Hematite Henrietta HugsBear
Indi Inigo Jackpot James Jaque Jaques Jehnya Jenora
Jessica_Black Jintrop Jo_Nukichi Kaide katherine KeeLysander KevMan Kiore
Kismet Kissmet Lady_Ravenwolfe Larian Laroka Leliel Leowulf Liam
Logan Longboy Lukaslives Lutra Lykaan Mankato Maple
Marina Marissa markoatonc Max_Wicked Mel Merkabah Mint Minx
Monarch Mondy Morwick Mothusi Mugen Myschief Mystiq Nappy
Narrator Navi Nekomaru Nessa Nez Orolin Otto Oz
papa Peter Pi Polo Rain Rakeesha Reed Remo
Rhea Rin Roddy Rondo Sami Sanguine Sapphira Seaweed
Serap Shadow Shogun Skipai Skunktail Sky Slaft Slane
Snout Subject-172 Sumanitu Syndy Tallulah Tannlore TarkaDahl Tarterum
Techie Terra Terry Tigerwolf Timesheart Toombs TrentSkunk Trey
Tritonia Tsubame Tzofi Vivi Weston Whistler Winter
Winterbeast Wurragurr Yrlak Zakada Zalno Zephere Zhora

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