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Don't get left behind

It's the final day of events at the 2013 World's Fair! Don't miss the final group activity ...

+Title: Tomato Throwing!
+From: Wed 09/11/13 06:00 PM
+To: Wed 09/11/13 07:30 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park:</strong> World of Agriculture
+Event Owner: Featherwing +Description:
To wind down the fair, the LunaStar Juice Bar in New Town will provide the tomatoes to expend that extra energy in a tomato throwing event much like La Tomatina. Join your friends in a FFA RP where you can throw and be thrown at.

... and do visit all the pavilions before the closing ceremonies tuck them away until the next World's Fair!

+Title: World's Fair Closing
+From: Wed 09/11/13 08:00 PM
+To: Wed 09/11/13 09:00 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park Center Plaza ('park')
+Event Owner: BunnyHugger
+Description: The World's Fair officially closes, as all things must.
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