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Thank you for the days

Alas, it's time to clean up the database, and our name space, some, by removing characters who've been gone for more than a year. If you know any of the people on this list, please contact them and let them know to connect here by the 19th of February or they face the purging of their possessions and the toading of their characters.

Anyone who does connect, or who sends word to us that there's hope they'll resume connecting after whatever problems are keeping them away, we're happy to spare. If you do see any of the idle-threatened, please invite them back into society; it's not like we don't want any more to do with them, after all.

I confess I don't expect that ToadNRecPlease will be coming back.

Austin Dern
Managing Editor

Akeakami Aleister Asherak B.J. Chu Cindy Clarisa Crash
DavDragon Dewi Ecnart Envi Flux Galanodel Ginger
Gunnlod Jackrabbit Kaya Koroshi Mei Michelle Mischoe Morgan
Mugen Nestor NeverNever Nigel Noctaina Nyquil Oliver
Pathfinder Peppermint Portia Sasha Slate Snowfoot Spots ToadNRecPlease
Tristan Weishaupt Zeta

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