xolo (xolo) wrote in spindizzy_muck,

Wed Site

Now that Enkeli is gone, I wonder if we might consider reverting to the old spindizzy.org web page? The new one is undoubtedly well-written, and surely employs the most modern techniques, but it is frankly sterile. It looks like something an unsentimental, tightly-run small business with an eye on the bottom line would deploy. Spindizzy is none of these. The old website, for all its quirks and oddities, had character. It belonged to Spindizzy. It *felt* like Spindizzy.

There's so much that's missing from the new one too - the Who's Who pages, the 'What Makes Spindizzy Special' essay, and even the FAQ files are gone. There is surely some way that the improvements in coding, etc, can be kept, and used within the old site's layouts and graphics.

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