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They're always coming and going

It's an unhappy but necessary duty. The people on this list have been away from SpinDizzy for more than a year, so we're sending out the summons to please either come back to us --- and I hope everyone who's on SpinDizzy will watch for these folks, either in popping up here or through other mucks, Twitter, Livejournal, or whatever methods they may have to reach them --- so we can get them back. My ideal is to someday have an idle purge where nobody gets removed, but it'll take the community making everyone feel the people here are and should be part of it in order to reach that ideal.

Please let the folks know that sometime after Tuesday, the 21st of August, we'll be removing their characters and creations.

If you're not on SpinDizzy, give us a try. We're open all seasons, and are coming to the final days of our Olympic Games soon. The muck's newspaper is at and it maintains the @SpinDizzy_Muck Twitter feed, as well as the Livejournal community and of course you can reach it at port 7072 (or 7073 for SSL).

Austin Dern

Managing Editor

Abbie Adara Adasyd Aina Airyuu Alex Alicia Alyah
Alynna Antimatter Arc Arcanis Archon Arne Arrekusu Arryan
Ban Becky BillyBob BirthdayBear Blaze Brenda Breya Bri
Cali Cassy Cello Chamas Chaos CheerBear Coldfyre Concerto
Cortello Cubbi D`saynin Daemon Dandy Darden Darkness Daystar
Denise Derk Devi Dingorrison Drake Drift DTF Elarukhenaz
Elizabeth Escher Feldspar Felina Fifi Firewind FoxPaws Fu
Funrir_Woulfe Gavin George Gorkon Hazel Heather Hell Hoshi
Hucky Ikuri Ires IronHoof Istanbul Itana J'ee Jacchus
Jedd Jhen Jintrop Joe Johann JonnyAMax Kalak KandiPanda
Karesko Kargrash Katrus KevMan Kine Kip Krysta Leamas
Leowulf Librum Lightnin' Lillian LittleBear Luca Lupinetiger Lyka
Malcom Marissa Mattaui Melanos Melody_Adriae Minx Miri Moramar
Murasaki Narrator Natalya Neler NightStar Porc Pterasaur R'sheena
Rama Ray Rikkai Riley Rogar Romero Rona Rowan
Rupert Rysko Saint Sairys Sariah Seaweed Selethrial Serrith
Seth Shiro Silvyr Skolf Snout SoftClaws Sonya Spikey
Squizzle Stan Star-Sight Steve Strawberries Tanooki Tanuki Taura
Tavai Temba Tenderheart Thapuppy Thumper Tiffa Tilton Tokei
Torano Twitchers Tyger Umber Vanilla Vierno Vin Violet
Warden Wesley Whiskey Wilhelm Willysilver Wolverine Wurragurr Xiu
Yellow3 Zeffy Zero Zuko

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