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Tough times don't last for long

I regret to say it's time for a fresh idle-purge. These characters have been idle for more than a year. Any who do not connect, or whom we do not hear a request to preserve, by the 22nd of June will be purged. This includes their belongings and rooms. (If they own a room on the main grid, the room will be returned to its natural state of mutating chaos.)

If you see an alt of yours on the list and wish to keep them, please connect. If you can't remember the password any wizard can help you with a reset. If you do not wish to preserve the character, don't bother doing anything. The character will be purged on its own.

If you know anyone on the list and can contact them, please do to let them know they are missed. If you are aware of special reasons why they might not be able to connect, but would likely want to, please pass word on to me, Austin, and we will make a note to keep them around a bit longer.

Thanks everyone for your time and attention. And, to those on the list, thank you for having been a part of our stories.

Austin Dern
Managing Editor

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This is a bit urgent...

I know I haven't posted here in forever.  I haven't had a lot to say.  Today I do.  This is pretty important, on a personal level:

I have been supporting my mother and her expenses for three years.. rent, utilities, the whole thing.. all atop my own.  The money I was using for this - my late father's IRA - has run dry as of this summer.  I am now being compelled to take a second job just to keep myself above water.  I'm not sure how long I'll be able to sustain this situation ... a few months at most before my body likely rebels and breaks.  I'm not in my twenties anymore, after all.

I strongly doubt I'll get any response from this, I know few -can- help, and even fewer -will-.  But... I'm putting this out here:

If I can get help for Mother's bills, in some way, from the community, or anyone that can help, she and I will be eternally grateful.

She will be willing to make something for anyone that does help.  The bigger, the better.  She does have a lot of craft skills she can pull upon.

If you can't help, or don't feel like it, I will understand.   (Though two hundred posts of "no, can't/won't help", won't be that useful)
If you -can- help, contact me here, or off-list:

Contact infoCollapse )

I am hoping that I won't end up having to move in with her, quintupling my commute time, and not really saving much money either.

Sorry to worry you all.


Don't get left behind

It's the final day of events at the 2013 World's Fair! Don't miss the final group activity ...

+Title: Tomato Throwing!
+From: Wed 09/11/13 06:00 PM
+To: Wed 09/11/13 07:30 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park:</strong> World of Agriculture
+Event Owner: Featherwing +Description:
To wind down the fair, the LunaStar Juice Bar in New Town will provide the tomatoes to expend that extra energy in a tomato throwing event much like La Tomatina. Join your friends in a FFA RP where you can throw and be thrown at.

... and do visit all the pavilions before the closing ceremonies tuck them away until the next World's Fair!

+Title: World's Fair Closing
+From: Wed 09/11/13 08:00 PM
+To: Wed 09/11/13 09:00 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park Center Plaza ('park')
+Event Owner: BunnyHugger
+Description: The World's Fair officially closes, as all things must.

I can make it longer if you like the style

The World's Fair 2013 continues into its last weekend with a special literary event --- a discussion of how to build better worlds and characters!

+Title: Expo 2013: Worldbuilding And Storytelling Talk
+From: Sun 09/08/13 09:00 PM
+To: Sun 09/08/13 11:00 PM
+Location: park
+Age: All
+Event Owner: Claude
On Friday we've met some of the most interesting SpinDizzy characters and learned how their backstories came to be. The coming Sunday, you are invited to part two, when we're going to chat about worldbuilding and storytelling techniques. Where do you start? How do you blend them? How far do you go with the details? All this and more, at the park of the day. Don't miss it!

Everything you think, do, and say is in the pill you took today

The last World's Fair event of the weekend is coming in under two hours! Are you ready for the surprises and revelations to come?

+Title: Time Capsule Opening
+From: Mon 09/02/13 07:00 PM
+To: Mon 09/02/13 09:00 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park Main Gate ('park')
+Age: all
+Event Owner: BunnyHugger
The first World's Fair Time Capsule from 2010 will be opened at last! Come see forgotten mementos from the past. What did you, or your friends, put in? What memories will be stirred?

As the present unfolds what the future beholds you're elated, fascinated

At last the record-setting number of new pavilions for the World's Fair 2013 are to be revealed! Don't miss the first magical night.

+Title: Pavilion Grand Opening
+From: Sun 09/01/13 08:30 PM
+To: Sun 09/01/13 09:00 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park Pavilions Area
+Age: All
+Event Owner: BunnyHugger
A ribbon cutting will officially open the pavilions area at Edgeworld Park! An unprecedented five new pavilions will be opening for the Expo this year!

I just want to stand and cheer as they come

Don't be late! Don't miss it! One of the big events of the Fair is under four hours away!

+Title: Parade of Progress
+From: Sat 08/31/13 07:00 PM +To: Sat 08/31/13 08:30 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park World of Ingenuity ('park')
+Age: All
+Event Owner: BunnyHugger
The Grand Parade of Progress is coming to SpinDizzy on Saturday, August 31! The central event of Expo '13: Fifteen Years of Progress, it will symbolize the progress of SpinDizzy from its origins as TF&F to the present and on into a splendid future! Anyone wishing to march, ride a mount, drive or ride a vehicle, or build a float to ride in the parade is welcome! The themes of 'past and future' are encouraged but not required.

All wishing to parade may simply show up in the staging area (to be announced) at 6:45 p.m. on Saturday. The parade itself will begin at 7 p.m. with the best viewing area expected to be in the World of Ingenuity of Edgeworld Park.


Give her every reason to accept that you're for real

World's Fair activities resume tonight!

+Title: Expo '13 Characters and Worlds Session
+From: Fri 08/30/13 09:00 PM +To: Fri 08/30/13 11:00 PM
+Location: park
+Age: all
+Event Owner: Claude
We have a great many interesting people in our world. At this session some of those interesting folks will share how they were developed: their character histories, their backstories, their worlds, perhaps even how their players developed these aspects, and how they've changed over time. It promises to be both informative and inspiring to participants and spectators.

And don't forget that the Parade of Progress is Saturday night: all wanting to enter a float, or march, or perform should contact bunny_hugger as soon as possible!


They can take one small matrix and really do great tricks

+Title: Expo '13 Anthropology Session
+From: Sun 08/25/13 09:00 PM
+To: Sun 08/25/13 11:00 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park Arts and Crafts Plaza ('park')
+Age: All
SpinDizzy, and mucking, have communities which go back decades. At this World's Fair event the development of our communities, here and on other mucks, shall be discussed, with thoughts about how they have changed, how they have remained unchanged, and how they may develop in future. All are welcome to attend, and to participate, however long they have been part of the mucking worlds.

There's a new world just opening for me

How ready are you for the official opening of the SpinDizzy World's Fair? It's coming up in just a few short hours!

+Title: Expo '13 Grand Opening
+From: Sat 08/24/13 08:00 PM
+To: Sat 08/24/13 09:00 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park Center Plaza ('park')
+Age: All

Expo '13 officially begins with a gala opening. You will not want to miss the historic ceremony planned for this celebration of FIFTEEN YEARS OF PROGRESS! Come dressed in your finest and ready to dance the night away immediately afterward in a fabulous, lavish opening ball.

+Title: New Dawn Ball
+From: Sat 08/24/13 09:00 PM
+To: Sat 08/24/13 11:00 PM
+Location: Edgeworld Park Center Plaza ('park')
+Age: All
Immediately after the opening ceremony, Edgeworld Park will transform into a huge dance party, so come dressed in your most shimmering, ethereal, futuristic finery, and celebrate a new dawn of progress!